Basic First Aid


One Day

Emergency First Aid Course is a comprehensive, one day course designed to give delegates the knowledge, skills and
confidence of managing injuries, disease and ill health effects at workplace and their immediate control measures.

Intended for: Line managers, Supervisors and individuals dealing public

  • Introduction of the Key Terms like: First Aid, Bleeding, Choking, Fracture
  • Legal responsibilities of Employer, Employees and First Aiders
  • Prioritizing injuries and action in an emergency and How to provide immediate medical care in an emergency.
  • How to assess if someone is unconscious, checking breathing and when to start CPR or shift to Recovery Position
  • Common accidents and injuries relevant to industry and empower candidates with the skills and confidence to provide an immediate and appropriate first aid response.
  • Introduction
    • Definition of First Aid, Aims of First Aid, Responsibilities of the Frist Aider
  • Contacting the Emergency Services
  • Priorities of first Aid treatment
  • Action in an Emergency
  • Primary survey
  • Breathing and Circulation
  • The basic life support action plan CPR
  • Secondary Assessment
  • The recovery position
  • Disorders of Respiration/Airway obstruction and breathing disorders
  • Choking
  • The circulatory system
  • Shock
  • Heart attack
  • Wounds and bleeding
    • Types of wound, Types of bleeding, Preventing cross-infection, Dressings and bandages
    • Wounds with embedded foreign objects
  • Diabetes
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Bones, Joints and Muscle Injuries
  • Type of fractures

Practical and theoretical assessment to evaluate the familiarity of the candidates with the requirements/ procedures.

Maximum allowed candidates per batch is 10 – 12 Candidates

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