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ONE - DAY Training


Awarded by TMC - Qualifi UK Approved Center

This one-day training program on Time Management Skills aims to equip participants with essential tools and techniques to manage their time and increase productivity effectively. The course will cover various topics, including setting goals, prioritization, task delegation, overcoming Procrastination, and enhancing personal productivity. Through interactive discussions, group activities, and practical exercises, participants will gain the necessary skills to optimize their time and achieve better work-life balance.

AUDIENCE: Who should attend?

  • Professionals at all levels who want to enhance their time management skills and improve productivity.
  • Team leaders, managers, and supervisors are responsible for managing their own time and their team members’ time.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to optimize their time and achieve better work-life balance.
  • Students and individuals in academic settings who want to improve their time management skills for studying and other responsibilities.
  • Anyone interested in developing effective strategies for managing their time and increasing productivity.


Upon completion of this qualification, participants will be able to:

      • Understand the importance of effective time management in achieving personal and professional goals.
      • Identify personal time management challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.
      • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and create action plans.
      • Prioritize tasks and activities based on importance and urgency.
      • Delegate tasks appropriately and effectively.
      • Apply strategies to overcome Procrastination and improve focus.
      • Enhance personal productivity through effective planning and Scheduling.
      • Manage interruptions and time-wasting activities.
      • Develop strategies for work-life balance and stress management and Implement techniques for continuous Improvement in time management skills.


  • Group discussions and participation
  • Completion of individual and group exercises
  • Q&A sessions and interactive


The recommended duration for achieving this qualification is three days, totalling 6-7 hours of training. However, there is flexibility to combine it with other technical qualifications over an extended period, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the learners. The qualification is primarily delivered through a classroom-based approach, enabling interactive and practical learning experiences. Participants actively engage with the content, participate in discussions, and practice their training skills under the tutor's guidance. The focus is on hands-on learning and application of the concepts taught in the course. A tutor-to-learner ratio of 1 to 12 is maintained over a minimum duration of 6-7 hours (1 day) to ensure effective delivery and assessment. The delivery of the program is adapted to accommodate the specific needs of the learners and the local circumstances.


Dr. Khalid Anwer is a highly accomplished expert in teaching, research, and business education. With a PhD in Inclusive Leadership and Eudaimonic Well-being, M. Phil in Marketing, MBA in Human Resource Management, and TAE40116 qualification in Training and Assessment from Australia, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his field. With additional qualifications in internal quality assurance, Dr. Anwer ensures excellence in education and training practices since he has served several educational institutes and Universities. With over 20 years of industry experience, he is a dedicated professional committed to delivering exceptional results.


1 Day


6-7 Hours


9 Sessions + 15 Min Wrap-up



KHDA - Dubai

Approved Certificate


To enrol in the Train the Trainer course, please contact us via phone or WhatsApp at +971 55 102 36 46. Alternatively, you can send your details to kjan@tmc-training.com. We look forward to assisting you with the registration process.