Fire Warden/Fire Marshal

One Day

Fire Warden Course is a comprehensive, one day course designed to give delegates the knowledge, skills and confidence to
handle fire at workplace.
Intended for: Line managers, Supervisors and individuals involved in Fire Risk Assessment.

Course is designed for staffs who are appointed as Fire Warden/Marshall in their company. Students will learn the basic
concept of fire prevention, fire protection, firefighting; safe evacuation plans and Risks Assessment for their premises.
By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the sources of ignition / fuel / oxygen and how to control them
  • Understand the different classes of fire, Types of Extinguishers
  • Fire Prevention, Fire Protection and Fire Fighting techniques
  • Carry out evacuation drill
  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of fire: a) What is a Fire b) The Fire Triangle c) Key Components
  • Event Sequence on Discovering a Fire: Report/Raise, Attack a fire
  • Fundamentals of public fire safety:
    • Electrical Safety
    • Kitchen Safety (use of fire blanket and other alternative means)
    • Storage of chemical supply safety
    • Machinery safety
    • Construction safety
    • Arson
    • Smoking safety
  • Classification of fires:
    • Classes of Fire
    • Hazards of using an inappropriate extinguishing media for inappropriate class of Fire
  • Types of portable fire extinguishers:
    • Types of commonly used portable fire extinguishers
    • Fire extinguisher and for different classes of Fire
  • How to use the portable fire extinguisher:
    • PASS command
    • Safe distance and other safety tips required for operating different fire extinguisher for extinguishing fire
    • Do’s and Don’t
    • Other extinguishing medias apart from fire extinguishers
  • Roles & Responsibility of a Fire Warden
  • Basic emergency evacuation procedures
  • Hands on practical (use of fire extinguisher)

Practical and theoretical assessment to evaluate the familiarity of the candidates with the requirements/ procedures.

Maximum allowed candidates per batch is 10 – 12 Candidates

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