We take immense pleasure in welcoming you to TMC Management and Safety Training – Institute. As we are stepping into 2023, we aim to augment the social, economic & competitive ecosystems to transform talented people into the most sought-after and respected workforce internationally, as envisioned by our proud Rulers, who are great role models of our Arab world. Our clients, both small and large, private and public, have confidence on us since 2016 to help them grow their human capital across a variety of managerial and technical sectors, using an ever-expanding portfolio of goods and services. We bring training solutions to companies, governments, and organizations worldwide, and also offer scheduled public courses, in-company workshops, off the shelf, tailored, and client bespoke interventions.

TMC offers you the most effective teaching and training environments to conduct interactive training programs that meet the highest technical and quality standards, in order to empower future leaders to build a knowledgeable and competitive businesses. I invite you to come together with sincerity, honesty and dedication to transform the employees into an undeniable force in the international corporate world. We concentrate on a confirmation-based process that is premeditated for all clienteles based on their distinctive commercial, financial, and expansion needs exclusively. At TMC, we are working with several multinational and domestic organizations in both the public and private sector to build employees’ capacity in the various domains.

Our cutting-edge varied training programs/Qualifications are designed and delivered by subject matter experts who are capable of offering solutions that are appropriate for this area and pertinent to the business concerns of today. We take great satisfaction in our past performance and our enduring connections with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we first opened for business.

TMC Management and Safety Training – Institute, (RTP ID 753834) is a registered training provider under the DET (Department of Economy and Tourism), Government of Dubai – UAE, delivering the below Vocational Education Training (VET).
Our VISION is to be the first choice for the development of human capital, compatibility with the dynamic corporate needs, and progression of knowledge, skills, and competencies.
Our mission is to offer globally accepted, internationally renowned, regulated, and endorsed international qualifications by over accredited and qualified professionals through the transformation of knowledge, developing the skills and competencies in Management, Leadership, and occupational health and safety domains.
Economical: To provide value-based learning that is accessible Efficient: To ensure that the program is efficiently facilitated by the faculty & support staff Empowering: To provide knowledge & empower learners with the latest tools and personality development sessions Enthusiastic: To be passionate in approaching every aspect of learning Ethical: To be ethical in our ways when dealing with every student, supplier, provider and society at large Excellence: To strive for the best and work in the interest of the community

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